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J-Scent + Kyo Sensu

J-Scent, the Japanese fragrance created in Japan, has been added to the original Japanese folding fan.
Ohnishi Tsune Shoten has been specializing in folding fans in Kyoto for over 100 years, and now J-Scent has collaborated with them to create a limited-edition original folding fan with the Black Leather fragrance.
With our original logo on the rib frame, the fan surface is adorned with the Japanese style design from the perfume packaging. Every time the fan is opened, the smoky, dignified scent of Black Leather permeates the air.
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Closed : 8.7 inches (H) x 1 inch (W)
Open : 8.7 inches (H) x 15 inches (W)

box, cloth case (fragrance not included)

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